Obstacle Course Gear and clothing

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Obstacle Course Gear and clothing


Gel Kayano 18


Shoes are such a subjective subject. I have run with a lot of shoes and destroyed a lot of shoes. I recently started using Asics Gel Kayano 18. They are super lightweight, vented and do not hold water. All super important features for running. They also have a lot of side support for your arches that will help you if you over pronate like myself.

I never knew better and I used to run with heavy leather Nike Shox and it was destroying my feet. After the first water or mud obstacle the shoes turned into cinder blocks and when the water cannot escape it makes the skin on your feet turn super sensitive (like taking a long bath) I lost both my baby toe nails the day after a race when i wore those.

Vibram shoes. I have never worn these, but from what I hear they are great to train with but not to run an obstacle course with. I hear that after the course the tread is completely worn off and they are useless. I have no idea if this is true or not so I look forward to some opinions on this because I see a ton of people running with them.

Check out Some Asics online here.



great for running

I never knew how important socks were to running until i wondered into a local running store. The last thing you ever want to do is run with Cotton socks. I made that mistake like 20 times. They hold some much water in and make it miserable to run. I remember running for miles with a swishing sound coming from my socks and shoes. This local running store in Miami called Irun told me to try polyester sucks and they made a world of difference, they don’t hold moisture in and I will never wear anything different now.

Shop for Polyester Socks



mudder obstacle courses

People that are in the know, run obstacle courses with camelbaks. Your body needs constant fluids for top performance. I recommend mixing 50/50 with water and a performance gatorade. If I had a dollar for every person that came and said “bro can i have a sip” I would be able to buy a new camel bak every race. The only disadvantage is the added weight. If you are not ready for additional weight, a full camelbak adds about 5 pounds, which can be hard on the joints.

Check out some camelbaks online



tough mudder gloves


Gloves are extremely necessary in obstacle course racing. You are dealing with lots of foreign objects, moving logs, climbing wooden walls, clawing your way through thick brush.I ran with a guy the last race and he cut his hand really badly while we had to climb up a ravine. He went to the next medical tent and they advised him to quit. This never would have happened had he worn gloves. You don’t want to train a lot, pay the admission, run part of the race and then quit because you dint buy 14 dollar gloves.

Good obstacle course gloves


Knee Brace

knee brace


Due to years of epic snowboard and dirtbike jumps my knees can be a little weak sometimes. I originally ran with one of those big bulky knee braces but they kept falling off when mud and water would come in contact with them. A friend told me about this runners band and its absolutely incredible. It puts pressure on the joints around the knees and definitely eliminates knee pain.

Check out multiple knee bands like this one


Calf Sleeve

calve sleeve

These calf sleeves put pressure on your calves and help eliminate possible cramps or the bubble of death feeling you may get there. I have only recently started running with these but i really like them so far. Another advantage of these calf sleeves are that they keep your calves warm which is another huge part of eliminating cramps before they start.

Check out Calf Sleeves


Compression Shorts, Shirts and Underwear

obstacle course

This stuff is so great. I used to run with normal cotton underwear and a normal cotton shirt. I felt like I was bringing half of the race with me. It’s always awful running in damp gear. All of the above compression stuff is dry fit so it wont keep any water on you and keep your performance the best it can be. Another advantage again is it keeps your muscles warm and compressed with makes you less prone to possible injury.

Check out Compression wear here

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